Description:Everyone wants us to BE something, but what kind of people does God want us to be?

Chapter 1: Following Jesus

Dr. Corné Bekker


Description:In order to follow Jesus, we must be teachable and willing to follow.

Chapter 2: Comfort for Those Who Mourn

Dr. James Henderson


Description:The Beatitudes are a prophetic proclamation. Jesus promises to comfort those who cry out to God for rescue and relief. We receive comfort as Jesus continually prays for us in heaven, through the Holy Spirit's work within us, and in the expectation of meeting Jesus face to face.

Chapter 3: BE Wrecked & Messy

Pastor Jayce O'Neal


Description:God calls us to truly love others and invest in them. Followers of Christ should not be surprised when they experience persecution. Instead, we should act upon God's Word and remember the blessings yet to come.

Chapter 4: BE Hungry & Thirsty

Pastor Jayce O'Neal


Description:God calls His followers to diligently seek righteousness. This means we need to align our desires and actions with His will. God is merciful when we fail, but our lives should not be characterized by habitual sin.

Chapter 5: BE Meek Not Weak

Pastor Jayce O'Neal


Description:Meekness is not weakness, but rather power under control. God calls us to submit under Him and other leaders in our lives. Those who submit to God as Lord will be heirs to everything God possesses.

Chapter 6: BE Merciful

Pastor Jayce O'Neal


Description:Jesus forgave and showed us mercy so we can show mercy to others.

Chapter 7: BE Pure

Pastor Jayce O'Neal


Description:God calls us to be pure and toss aside any idols that we have placed before Him.